The Peruvian American Medical Society Brings Quality Care to Peru

Peruvian American Medical Society pic

Peruvian American Medical Society

As the medical director of MetroWest Medical Canter’s geriatric and neuropsychiatry treatment unit, Dr. Antonio Bullon leads a team of medical professionals based in Natick, Massachusetts. Dr. Antonio Bullon also gives his time as a volunteer psychiatrist and supports the Peruvian American Medical Society.

The Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) is a network of more than 400 American physicians who are dedicated to service efforts in Peru. Throughout the organization’s 40-year history, members have embarked on more than 100 service trips to Peru, helping thousands of underserved patients gain access to free medical care.

One of the organization’s longest ongoing missions is the Arequipa mission, which established and continues to support the only burn unit at the Arequipa Regional Hospital Honorio Delgado. The permanent mission has brought medical technology and an array of specialized surgeons over the last 20 years, allowing local physicians to treat approximately 3,000 patients each year.